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Each of our featured IVA companies (listed below) provides IVAs and in many cases other debt solution options.

Each provider listed below is either a member of one of the main debt solution provider trade associations (DRF and DEMSA). DRF and DEMSA members have made a commitment to operate at a level of standards in excess of the minimum levels set by regulators and have also agreed to external audits of the services that they are providing.

The featured companies are represented in our IVA forum by one of their own experts. You can also read personal profiles of these experts, the IVA firm that they work for, and interviews with them as to how they operate.

Each featured IVA company has been carefully selected:

  • Using our knowledge of the IVA market and our contacts within the industry we select IVA companies that have good reputations.

  • Having identified an IVA company with a good reputation we have visited their offices to meet their senior employees. At these meetings we have asked questions connected to the way that they operate, their ethos towards clients, and the processes they use when managing an IVA.

  • Interviews were also conducted during these visits which you can read on this website. We believe that the questions we have asked will provide you with a unique reference point in selecting an IVA company that is well suited to help you. The questions about their processes in particular will help you to understand what the reality of working with that IVA company during the arrangement would be.

  • Following our investigations, visits and interviews we’re satisfied that each recommended IVA company is suitably professional, organised and motivated to provide the highest level of service and care. We’re also satisfied that each IVA company we recommend is committed to treating their clients with respect and understanding at a difficult financial time.

  • We are also satisfied that the IVA processes and systems at each firm are embedded into their services sufficiently to provide consistency in their delivery of IVA services. They have the resources in place to maintain standards into the future.

  • Finally we receive feedback from visitors to this website that have gone on to use the services of each recommended provider. If any of them were to receive justified negative feedback our recommendation would be withdrawn.

PJG Recovery ***** Recommended IVA Firm

The Debt Advisor ***** Recommended IVA Firm

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