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Irish Personal Insolvency Arrangements Explained - 21st May 2014

Fines And Tougher Rules For PPI Claims Malpractice - 25th November 2013

Three Out Of Ten Pay Unaffordable Housing Costs - 13th November 2013

The Switch Guarantee Makes Starting An IVA Easier - 22nd October 2013

Police Become Involved In Smooth Financial Missing Money - 14th October 2013

Is The Universal Credit A Future Debt Solution Or Debt Problem? - 8th October 2013

Bedroom Tax A New Source Of Debt Problems - 23rd September 2013

300,000 Borrowers To Get Barclays Refund - 18th September 2013

Irish DSA Applications Begin To Be Accepted - 12th September 2013

Can Being In Debt Affect Your IQ? - 3rd September 2013

Card Protection And ID Theft Policies - 29th August 2013

As Real Wages Fall Will IVA Use Increase? - 12th August 2013

New Debts Solutions To Change Debt Advice In Ireland - 7th August 2013

Change To Insolvency Law Affecting Bank Accounts - 23rd July 2013

Resolving Payday Loan Problems - 16th July

Personal Debt On The Rise Again - 10th July 2013

Payday Loans In The News - 3rd July 2013

Banks And Consumers At Risk From Rate Rises - 26th June 2013

Money Advice Service Aims To Improve Debt Advice Standards - 24th June 2013

Choosing Between An IVA Or A Debt Management Plan -18th June 2013

Payday Loan Problems Increase In Wales - 10th June 2013

When Should You Stop Paying Your Creditors - 4th June 2013

How Couples Manage Their Debts - 13th May 2013

Short Guide To An IVA - 7th May 2013

Including Guarantor Loans In An IVA - 29th April 2013

IVA Qualification Criteria - 22nd April 2013

Making A Complaint About Your IVA - 15th April 2013

How Long Does An IVA Last For? - 11th April 2013

Will I Lose My Job If I Start An IVA? - 26th March 2013

How Much Personal Debt Is There In The UK? - 25th March 2013

More Use Of Charging Orders By HMRC - 22nd March 2013

Campaign For End Of Spam IVA Texts And Calls Begins - 19th March 2013

IVA For Payday Loans - 12th March 2013

Scottish Trust Deeds To Move To IVA Fee Model - 11th March 2013

Poverty Measurement And Disposable Income - 6th March 2013

Bank Insider Blows Whistle On Sales Intensity - 4th March 2013

Savings And Your IVA - 26th february 2013

Extra Insights For Credit Reports In The Future - 25th February 2013

Self-Employed More Vulnerable To Debt Problems - 20th February 2013

Home Repossessions Falling - 19th February 2012

Further Blow To Reputation Of Banks - 13th February 2013

Avoid Pension Loan Scams - 11th February 2013

How High Fees Exclude People From Bankruptcy - 6th February 2013

Changes To IVA Bank Account Availability - 4th February 2013

Credit Card Limits Reduced Without Notice - 30th January 2013

Are Packaged Accounts From Banks Another Claims Scandal? - 28th January 2013

How Tax Debts For The Self-Employed Are Dealt With - 28th January 2013

The January Moment Of Financial Truth - 9th January 2013

Owing Money To Family Or Friends - 7th January 2013

Lloyds TSB Evidence Of Disposable Incomes Fall - 2nd January 2013

How Debt Can Affect Your Health - 30th December 2012

Halving Of Redundancy Consultation Period - 19th December 2012

Student Debt Highest For English Students - 17th December 2012

Northern Rock Together Mortgage Clients Get Refunds - 13th December 2012

Will Banks Start Offering Accounts To Bankrupts Again? - 10th December 2012

Stopping A Continuous Payment Authority Prior To Your IVA - 3rd December 2012

Using The Nationwide Building Society During An IVA - 29th November 2012

How To Get The Best Out Of Comparison Sites - 26th November 2012

Payday Lenders Receive Their Final Warning - 21st November 2012

A Change In Your Circumstances During An IVA - 19th November 2012

Planning For Christmas During An IVA - 15th November 2012

Insolvency Practitioner Concern About Scottish Bankruptcy Bill - 12th November 2012

Insolvency Numbers Continue To Trend Downwards - 7th November 2012

Scottish Trust Deeds To Become More Like An IVA - 6th November 2012

Credit Report Myths Exposed - 31st October 2012

New FSA Rules On Mortgage Lending - 29th October 2012

Unite To Offer Members Credit Union Access - 25th October 2012

Choosing A Debt Snowball Or An IVA - 22nd October 2012

IVA Calculator And IVA Wizard Tools - 16th October 2012

Your Overdraft And An IVA - 15th October 2012

Wonga Football Sponsorship To Increase IVA Numbers? - 10th October 2012

Which Personal Loans Can Go In An IVA - 8th October 2012

Credit Card Spending In Decline - 4th October 2012

Using Haggling To Save Money During An IVA - 2nd October 2012

Getting A Mortgage After An IVA - 26th September 2012

Prepayment Energy Customers Can Switch Despite Debt - 24th September 2012

Benefit System Change And Debt Solution Access - 19th September 2012

Undischarged Bankrupts Face Banking Exclusion - 17th September 2012

Including A Mortgage Shortfall In Your IVA - 14th September 2012

Overtime Income During An IVA - 10th September 2012

Sales Commissions Targeted by FSA - 5th September 2012

Worst PPI Claims Firms To Be Punished - 4th September 2012

Keeping Debt Secrets From A Partner - 28th August 2012

Steer Clear Of Santander - 23rd August 2012

IVA Fees - 20th August 2012

House Prices To Continue To Decline - 14th August 2012

Disposable Income Falls To 2003 Levels - 8th August 2012

Credit Cards After An IVA - 6th August 2012

An IVA And Pension Auto-Enrolment - 1st August 2012

Credit Records And The Data Protection Act - 30th July 2012

Who Are The Insolvency Practitioners That Handle IVA Cases? - 26th July 2012

Who Can You Trust To Set Up Your IVA - 18th July 2012

Should There Be Tougher Bankruptcy Rules? - 16th July 2012

Don’t Use Payday Loans If You Want A Mortgage - 11th July 2012

The Money Advice Service - 9th July 2012

RBS systems failure and your credit rating - 5th July 2012

Increase in UK Personal Debt - 4th July 2012

Newspaper Expose Of Payday Lenders - 28th June 2012

Avoiding The Debt Pension Trap - 25th June 2012

When People Choose To Take IVA Advice - 20th June 2012

Debtor Exploitation Highlighted By Newspaper - 18th June 2012

Reasons Why People Delay Taking IVA Advice - 15th June 2012

Current Account Fraud Increasing - 11th June 2012

The Grubby Business Of IVA Cold-Calling - 6th June 2012

How Personal Debt In The UK Is Changing - 30th May 2012

What Is Disposable Income - 28th May 2012

Payday Loan Debt Collection Practices Criticized - 23rd May 2012

Scottish Protected Trust Deeds Consultation - 21st May 2012

Will People Be Told About My IVA? - 16th May 2012

Should protecting your credit rating prevent you from starting an IVA? - 14th May 2012

How human nature may lead to debt problems - 9th May 2012

Low Pay Growth Pushing People Towards IVA Advice - 8th May 2012

Business Booming For Debt Collection Agencies - 2nd May 2012

Family Debts And An IVA - 30th April 2012

Payday Lenders and Politicians - 27th April 2012

IVA Specialists Warn About Mortgage Fraud - 23rd April 2012

Individual Voluntary Arrangements And Employer Credit Checks - 18th April 2012

IVA Advice About Interest-Only Mortgages - 16th April 2012

Credit Score Accuracy After An Individual Voluntary Arrangement - 11th April 2012

Documents Required For An IVA - 9th April 2012

A Joint IVA And Divorce Or Separation - 5th April 2012

Individual Voluntary Arrangements And Your Pension - 2nd April 2012

Are You Allowed to Access More Credit While In An Individual Voluntary Arrangement? - 29th March 2012

IVA Advice Subject To Regulatory Change - 26th March 2012

Bank Accounts Options During An IVA - 21st March 2012

Will individual voluntary arrangements result from Virgin credit card rate raise? - 19th March 2012

IVA Advice About Gambling Debts - 15th March 2012

Debt Tide To Increase Individual Voluntary Arrangement Numbers? - 14th March 2012

MPs Target Advisers Delivering IVA Information And Debt Advice - 7th March 2012

IVA Specialists Warn On “Debtpression" - 5th March 2012

Credit Card Debts And Using An IVA - 29th February 2012

Can A Homeowner Go Ahead With An IVA? - 28th February 2012

IVA Advice On Irresponsible Lending During An Individual Voluntary Arrangement - 22nd February 2012

Why An IVA Affects Your Credit Rating - 20th February 2012

Falling Debts and Disposable Income Affecting IVA Advice - 16th February 2012

IVA Causes Investigated - 13th February 2012

IVA Advice Forum Investigates Debt Help Scotland Plans - 8th February 2012

“Sale and Rent Back” Demise Welcomed by IVA Advice Providers - 7th February 2012

IVA Specialists Warning on Rent and Mortgage Arrears - 1st February 2012

IVA Advice Forum warning on unsolicited IVA text messages - 30th January 2012

IVA and Debt Advisers attend DRF/Mind Training Course - 27th January 2012

An IVA Bank Account? - 23rd January 2012

Will IVA Advice Needs Increase in 2012?- 18th January 2012

More Freedom for Credit Unions May Help Those in an IVA - 16th January 2012

Is a Debt Relief Order an alternative to an IVA? - 14th January 2012

Your credit rating, payday loans and the associated IVA risks - 5th January 2012

Financial behavior before commencing an IVA - 3rd January 2012

Can Armed Forces personnel embark upon an IVA? - 28th December 2011

New Year tips for commencing an IVA - 28th December 2011

Are unauthorised bank overdrafts a root cause of an IVA in the UK? - 22nd December 2011

Is a prison officer permitted to proceed with an IVA? - 19th December 2011

Middle-classes increasingly likely to use an IVA - 14th December 2011

After an IVA: The problem with multiple credit searches - 12th December 2011

Are teachers permitted to use an IVA? - 7th December 2011

Should you change your bank account when undergoing an IVA? - 5th December 2011

Is Christmas falling victim to recession? - 1st December 2011

Is a solicitor permitted to enter into an IVA? - 28th November 2011

Should you cut back on insurance cover when undergoing an IVA? - 23rd November 2011

Should PPI claims payments be included in an IVA? - 21st November 2011

Is an IVA appropriate for a police officer? - 16th November 2011

Should you change bank accounts prior to entering an IVA? - 14th November 2011

Can an independent financial advisor enter into an IVA? - 9th November 2011

Is an IVA an appropriate solution for bank workers? - 7th November 2011

How is unemployment regarded under an IVA? - 3rd November 2011

Does an IVA offer protection from bailiffs? - 1st November 2011

Payday loans drive individuals to seek IVA advice - 25th October 2011

Ex-professional footballer reveals his IVA - 24th October 2011

Joint debts and an IVA - 19th October 2011

The media: IVA and DMP reports - 18th October 2011

An IVA and default notices - 12th October 2011

Hanging onto your Car in an IVA - 10th October 2011

What are the implications of a pay rise during an IVA? - 5th October 2011

Are PPI claims possible during an IVA? - 3rd October 2011

When to be Sceptical About IVA Advice - 28th September 2011

Logbook Loans and an IVA - 26th September 2011

Childcare costs forcing some parents into an IVA - 21st September 2011

Women increasingly at risk from serious debts - 19th September 2011

HMRC make increasing use of bankruptcy orders - 14th September 2011

Legal protection provided by IVA specialists - 13th September 2011

How are benefits treated by IVA specialists - 8th September 2011

Working out the value of your home with IVA specialists - 5th September 2011

Prioritise spending when your income falls short - 2nd September 2011

Do the self employed have access to IVA advice? - 30th August 2011

Creditors are set to receive protection from IVA advice providers - 24th August 2011

How to find the best IVA advice provider - 22nd August 2011

How does IVA information relate to pensions? - 17th August 2011

Wages frozen for three quarters of workers - 15th August 2011

Christmas planning essential when in an IVA - 11th August 2011

Is there a North-South IVA advice divide? - 8th August 2011

Should tenants choose an IVA or bankruptcy? - 3rd August 2011

Interest Free Balance Transfers – Saints or Sinners? - 1st August 2011

The Cost of Living and IVA Information - 27th July 2011

Falling house prices to affect IVA advice? - 25th July 2011

IVA specialists warn that fuel poverty looms for many - 20th July 2011

IVA Advice Forum: Payday loan legislation suggestion - 18th Jult 2011

Balanced IVA Information: So what are the drawbacks? - 14th July 2011

IVA advice standards challenged by Daily Mirror - 11th July 2011

Summer holidays not an option for many – IVA Forum - 6th July 2011

IVA specialists warn of a second debt disaster - 4th July 2011

IVA information provided by advisers is under investigation - 29th June 2011

Are high tax rates an IVA catalyst? IVA specialists investigate - 27th June 2011

Will more young workers require IVA information? - 23rd June 2011

Advice from IVA specialists: a second job may be the answer - 20th June 2011

What prompts people to seek IVA information? - 15th June 2011

IVA specialists explain effects of an IVA on housing ladder access - 13th June 2011

Income Disparity May Create the Need for IVA Help - 9th June 2011

IVA specialists warn of a credit card spending rise - 9th June 2011

IVA specialists warn: don’t be fooled by ‘pretend IVAs’ - 6th June 2011

Poor IVA information leads to increase in complaints - 2nd June 2011

Renting a house during an IVA – advice from IVA specialists - 31st May 2011

Alternatives to an IVA in Scotland - 25th May 2011

IVA specialists warn IVAs may increase due to cost of credit - 23rd May 2011

IVA specialists wary of a rise in credit card interest rates - 18th May 2011

IVA information hides a picture of financial distress - 16th May 2011

IVA information: stability reigns amongst UK property prices - 13th May 2011

IVA Forum news: real earnings to fall four years in a row - 11th May 2011

Demand for IVA information to increase with credit card charges - 9th May 2011

IVA specialists predict unemployment fall will reduce IVA cases - 3rd May 2011

When do debt concerns turn into the need for IVA advice? - 27th April 2011

Is an equity release mortgage preferable to IVA advice? - 25th April 2011

More people seek IVA advice as proof of financial distress grows - 21st April 2011

Do I qualify for an IVA? IVA Forum advice - 18th April 2011

Rogue IVA Specialists Face Further Pressures - 13th April 2011

‘Uncompetitive and dishonest’ – the state of our banks - 11th April 2011

The effects of the economic squeeze on your IVA - 6th April 2011

Why do we receive such a raw deal from our banks? - 4th April 2011

Regional differences in the UK’s exposure to debt - 30th March 2011

At risk groups identified by CCCS annual statistics - 28th March 2011

What debts does an IVA deal with? - 23rd March 2011

The prospect of a tax rise may increase IVA requirements - 21st March 2011

Lending Code updates set to assist debtors - 16th March 2011

Cold-calling by IVA services is under the microscope - 15th March 2011

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