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Finding IVA Specialists

A huge variety of companies and organisations are engaged in providing IVA advice. This includes debt charities, debt management companies, debt websites, Citizens Advice Bureaux, IVA agents and comparison websites amongst others.

The quality of advice varies from honest, practical and balanced help, to misguided attempts to help from unqualified and inexperienced debt advisers, to downright misinformation and deception.

Put simply, the people that know the most about IVA’s are the people that set them up and manage them every working day of their career. IVA specialists within reputable IVA companies are the best prepared and most highly regulated professionals to give you IVA advice.

The IVA Specialists to Speak With

There is a considerable variation in the quality of the IVA specialists themselves. IVA operations in the UK vary from huge callcentre processing operations, to medium sized professional insolvency practices, to Insolvency Practitioners acting alone or with one or two assistants.

Every individual will have their own preferences about the type of company that they choose to deal with. Our experience suggests that great care needs to be taken in making the choice.

Clients of the very large IVA operations sometimes report frustrations connected to a feeling that they’re being treated like a number rather than an individual. Often they’ll be speaking to multiple people at the company and would prefer to have a more personable point of contact that they get to know over the period of the IVA. These types of relationships, built on time and trust, are important due to the significant duration of an IVA (usually five years).

Clients of the very small IVA companies may benefit from a good working relationship with an individual employee. However concerns sometimes arise about whether the company has sufficient resources to properly manage a case. Companies handling very small numbers of IVA cases may not be fully up to date with creditor acceptance criteria and also may lack effective contact points at creditor organisations to help smooth over any issues that arise.

Our experience suggests that the best service is normally provided by medium sized companies which are IVA specialists. These companies tend to be small enough that proper relationships can develop between a client and the individuals that actually manage the IVA. However, as they specialise in IVA’s and handle a reasonable volume of cases they have good working knowledge of creditor acceptance criteria and good contacts within creditor organisations that can help to get IVA cases up and running.

Our Featured IVA Specialists

We acknowledge that there are many excellent IVA specialists operating within the UK. However they can be difficult for a consumer to locate amongst some other IVA services which are providing a very low level of client care. For this reason the site promotes several IVA specialists that we have identified as being amongst those IVA firms providing the best mix of competence and care.

The recommended firms featured on this site are all medium sized IVA specialists with good reputations within the industry, good links with creditors and a dedication to client care.

We have visited their offices to inspect their operations and to quiz their senior employees.

To find out more about our featured IVA specialists please visit their profile pages and also read the interviews that we have conducted with them. The profiles and interviews contain much information that will be useful to anyone looking to select a firm of IVA specialists that will handle their affairs with skill and understanding.

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